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8 times Positive Design:

1. Comfortable and wide cot: Suitable for sleeping at night and featured with a hypoallergenic breathable mattress.The sun hood features an Air Top from breathable mesh fabric that can be opened to allow extra flow of fresh air.

2. High seat and cot position: Relieves your back when lifting your baby in or out of the Joolz Day.And your baby can join family breakfast, lunch or dinner at table height.

3. Practical and ergonomic seat: The seat can be reversed and adjusted into three different positions. The sun hood is equipped with an Air Top.

4. Adjustable footrest: Provides exactly the right support for your baby and prevents dangling legs.

5. Unlock safety bar with one hand: No uncomfortable twists or turns when lifting your baby in or out of the Joolz Day, just click, on either side.


6. Four-wheel-suspension: Your baby sits and sleeps comfortably, while you smoothly take turns, bumps and obstacles on your way.

7. Height adjustable handlebar: This gives parents with long legs the right amount of comfort behind their Joolz Day.

8. Compact storage: When folded (with or without seat) it will go in almost any cupboard, corner or car. Both horizontal and straight-up.mfort behind their Joolz Day.


Joolz Day sizes and weights:
Weight chassis:  8,4 kg
Weight chassis without wheels:  5,4 kg
Weight seat:  3,2 kg
Weight cot:  3,7 kg
Size unfolded:  80 x 62 x 100 cm
Size folded:  85 x 62 x 37 cm
Size folded without wheels:  85 x 55 x 28 cm
Size cot:  82 x 37 x 21 cm


A two year warranty period applies to all Joolz products, beginning on the date of purchase.

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